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leaf removal

leaf removal

lawn care with leaf removal
lawn care with leaf removal

Fall Clean-up-make sure that you’re ready for the snow. Make sure to give us a call so we can help make your lawn will look and stay as healthy as it can. Leaf cleanup is an essential service for all homeowners. As a result, the leaves can do a lot of damage to the lawns unless they are removed soon after falling. However, there are multiple benefits to leaf cleanup, including making the yard look cleaner and tidier. Keeping water away from the home’s foundation and preventing damage to the foundation. And protecting gutters from blockage. Consumers are surprised to hear this because the average cost for leaf removal in Owatonna, MN is reasonable. And In light of all the potential damage that leaves can do to homes and lawns, it’s a bargain for homeowners because they will save so much in the long run.

snow removal

Lack of nutrients contributes to a weaker and less resilient lawn that is incapable of fighting off diseases and pests. When removing leaves ensures your lawn will breathe and soak up the sunlight that it needs for a better look and for proper growth. And it helps to keep Owatonna looking great!

And If you fail to pick up and remove the leaves before winter’s first snowfall then by spring, chances are strong you’ll have brown, dead patches of grass. Need more reasons to stay up with your fall leaf removal?

Leaves Are perfect for a Compost Pile

Collect the leaves and use them for a compost pile. They break down quickly, Then next year, you will have a lot of nutrient-rich compost for all your planting endeavors.

Making sure to turn them in every few months. All Leaf Removal Keeps the Leaves Out of Waterways.

Make sure to give us a call in late September because the schedule fills up fast.


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