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lawn care

stand on mower with bagger
stand on mower with bagger

At A Cut Above The Rest lawn care and snow removal, we have been helping the people of Owatonna and the surrounding areas with their lawn care needs. John has been working in the industry for many years. And ventured out on his own in 2016. We pride ourselves in being one of the best values in lawn care in Owatonna Mn and the surrounding communities. You can Give us a call today for your custom free estimate for lawn care in Owatonna Mn.

We also provide year-round lawn care and snow removal for commercial and residential clients. And we also service apartment complexes, auto dealerships, churches, schools, strip malls, and a variety of other small businesses. We deliver this type of quality to our residential clients as well, whether you own a small lot or a large multi-acre lot. And don’t forget we also do leaf removal in Owatonna Mn, Fall Clean-up. So make sure that you’re ready for the snow. Give us a call today because we can help make sure your lawn will look as healthy as it can. Because leaf cleanup is an essential service for any homeowner who has trees.

leaf removal

Leaves can do a lot of damage to lawns unless they are removed soon after falling. There are multiple benefits to removing leaves, including making the yard look cleaner and also tidier. Keeping water away from the home’s foundation and preventing damage to the foundation. And protecting gutters from blockage. And consumers are surprised to hear that the average cost for leaf removal and lawn care in Owatonna is reasonable. In light of all the potential damage that leaves can do to homes and lawns, it’s a bargain for homeowners who want great value from a service provider. Call and get your free estimate today!

What is the proper height for mowing my lawn?

The best height for lawn cutting for the best results is 3-3.75 inches. Taller grass is not impacted by the heat and drought as much as shorter grass.

When is the best time of the year to plant grass seed?

Mid-sping and mid-fall, summertime will be too hot

What is the brown-looking dead grass on my lawn?

Thatch, thatch is un-deteriorated stems and roots that gather close to the dirt surface. Thatch development starts when turf produces natural trash quicker than it tends to be separated. Center air circulation is a significant precaution support practice for cover control. Average center air circulation mitigates compaction and further develops air development into soils. A dethatching machine or concentrated rake can likewise eliminate cover.

My lawn has a lot of brown spots, how can I fix this?

Brown spots in your lawn possibly may be caused by various issues such as dry areas, overwatering, pet damage, and mower tracks. After identifying the initial cause, professionals can address and eliminate brown spots providing homeowners a consistent and healthy lawn.

How do I eliminate the crabgrass in my yard?

Crabgrass is a weed that flourishes in the warmth and can seriously restrict the improvement of seedlings. The best method to forestall crabgrass is through early proactive weed control. Counseling an expert ought to be the initial step while handling this specialized interaction.

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